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"My husband and I came to know Carol several months ago, as we were experiencing trauma in our marriage. Due to a devastating personal event that changed the path of our lives, we were separated and feeling hopeless and alone. In stepped Carol. As we grew to know her, she helped us regain the balance, strength and courage to go forward in our lives together. I don't know if we would have made it without her help. We are forever in her debt."


"I learned a lot about myself while attending Carol MacHendrie's ADD group sessions. I have applied this newfound knowledge to my personal, marital, family, and professional life.  Working with Carol MacHendrie has helped me as an individual, a husband, a father, and in my profession.  I would strongly suggest working with Carol for all your ADHD issues."


"Ms. Carol was a highly energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated medical psychology professor. Her clinical experience and correlations were exactly what I needed to help me master my knowledge of psychology."

Laura Wright MD

"Ms Carol is a compassionate educator who is able to use life experience to integrate key concepts of learning in the field of psychology. Her "down to earth" mentality makes her easily approachable and a joy to learn from."

Tyler Sexton MD

"Carol MacHendrie is a miracle worker. She has a rare ability to be compassionate and practical simultaneously. She has a laser insight that can transform overwhelming, complicated problems into smaller, more manageable questions that are resolvable. She is the most responsive health care practitioner I have ever worked with. Carol has a lively, peripatetic life style, but if you have a problem, she is like SuperWoman. She breaks through the Krypton and finds you. I highly recommend Carol as a Couples therapist; she's the best!"

P, a woman with a chronic disease, but a can-do spirit and D her husband

As a man, there was at first some concern in seeing a female therapist for couples counseling. With Carol this proved to be completely unfounded. She provided invaluable guidance for us both without any hint of preferential treatment. I believe it is rare to find an facilitator who truly has the capacity to allow both parties to feel completely seen and heard. In the end it was the insights into our relational patterns that, for my wife and I, were literally life changing.


Carol MacHendrie is my “go to” clinician when I need a couples therapist for clients. She integrates brain science, relational history and cutting edge practices in her work. She knows how to create a safe environment in which clients can let go of fears of intimacy and connection and try out new behaviors. She is creative, highly skilled, has a great sense of humor and will stick with you through all the tough times. In short, a master couples therapist.


"As a young married couple, we want to do all we can to keep clear of the baggage that can easily accrue in a long relationship. Carol offered us tools- skills with a foundation in compassion- that we have now used successfully in our trials and triumphs, and have with us for life." "First, Carol listened. Then she listened even more. Then she helped us listen to eachother. There is no more valuable skill for a couple to grasp." "What a relief it was for us to have Carol's skillful council in a moment when we saw ourselves starting to wear a groove in a road we did not wish to travel down.  Her long experience, curious mind, and compassionate heart have conspired to make her a truly excellent therapist.”

JK and LK

Carol worked with us as we healed from a break up and inched toward getting married. Amid the spoken (and unspoken) emotional turmoil between the two of us, Carol always sensed the one critical thing that, once it was in our awareness, shifted the whole conversation and the dysfunctional dynamic that had trapped us there. Even on days when “nothing was up”, we walked out of her office in awe of her ability to interpret the silence, refer back to prior sessions, and gently guide each of us to discover what she could already see. Many times, we felt as if we had just witnessed a miracle healing. She never made us feel that our problems were typical, or insignificant, or unalterable, and each time we left her office feeling moved by the experience. Ultimately, her work with us led us to believe in ourselves and our relationship in a way we never thought possible. Having the insight from our work with Carol to reflect on when things start to get messy is the greatest gift.

Thank you!

LO and RS